Can some one help

I just need help With my map plz help if can

What do ya mean?, make sure you change the tag to help
(Also welcome!)

welcome to the forums! were glad to have you here!
anyways, could you specify on what exactly you need help with?

what do you need help with?

welcome message

Welcome to the forums!

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I don’t know how to make the game go to spectate mode when everyone body gets knocked out u can help with that

So you want the players to turn into spectators when their knockedout?

Yea and make the game end after that

It auto ends the game when everyone is is spectator, right?

Yes just like that is the way I want it

Ahh, ok goodluck on whatever map your making!

Welcome to the forums, @Deale! also you should put this in Help and you need to be more specific with your map. like, what do you need help with? what functions aren’t working? we need more specific things to help you. edit: lol i didn’t scroll down.

he said

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lifecycle (player knocked out) → team switcher (spectators)

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