I need to detect what team a player is on when they enter a zone

You could have a counter that increments when people enter the zone and leave it, and if it’s above 0 you can start/stop a repeater that gives points.

Also, answer my question:
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Ok. Thanks for the info!

You know how there is a special setting in the wire repeater?
You could maybe block it if it’s not from a the first team and connect it to the first team’s counter, 2nd to the 2nd, 3rd to the 3rd, whatever, yada yada…

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Yes, they will get a point about every 5 seconds

What about the “triggering players team number” block?

No blocks in front of a new user, @ClicClac.

They might be advanced enough for blocks

Have the counter mentioned in my previous posts update a property called [teamnumber pointspersecond, and, in blocks, make a score=score+pointspersecond.

Also, how could I go about displaying the score on the screen?

In the corner, using a game overlay or a notification, or in the middle, using a popup?

I have tried the game overlay, but you cant make that display the value of a property

The score of the individual team?
Add a text game overlay and and in blocks, (on receiving the channel that changing score broadcasts) set content to-get value-score

Go into blocks, and put together set text :(get property:( your property here))

Thank you, it worked

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You’re very welcome!
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You too! Thanks for helping me.