How to make a Kill / Death counter (Difficulty: 🟨)

wait so do I still keep the lifecycles?

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ummm it still don’t work

…i dont know man…

Hi I’m new but this is an awesome guide! I’m definitely going to use it!

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Welcome to the forums, @Astro-123! I hope you have a great time here! Make sure to take a look at forum-beginners forum-tips and gimkit-beginners!
Also, read this post:
Welcome to the Forums!

Thanks @California_Love I am currently working on my first guide.

aw ok, thanks for trying to help me tho

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I don’t know how mine doesn’t work.
gimkit download

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How do you get the number up?

Welcome to the forums, did you check the device settings?

this is so cool. @JoeTheChicken!

Yes, I checked over and over and over and nothing different happened.

Can I see your block code?

Every time I :skull: someone in my game the :skull: counter goes up to 372 :skull:, I NEED HELP

Welcome to the forums @SpaceLost!
Check your code again, you missed something. (I think)

it seems like everyone needs help here maybe you need more ways to explain it because everyone here is having problems

  1. I can’t change it, its too old
  2. It works, thats a personal problem lol

well I am gonna try and find a new solution if I can

Hey, whenever I use this counter, it goes up by 2 the first time, then counts up by 1. Any idea how to fix this?