Does anyone know how to make a restricted area

I’m making part of my map that only one team can enter and have every vending machine on, but if an enemy enters all the vending machines shut off

you could make a team configured device like a zone that is connected to the vending machines or just use a barrier that just blocks all other teams

or idk i probably forgot a couple things about zones and barrier

Weclome to the Community @gaming_wiza1! And add a zone for a specific team such as team 1 and make it to when a team 1 player is in the zone the vending machines will work, and it will automaticaly make it for team 2 the vending machines will not work.

Make a zone that broadcasts to a trigger when a player enters. In the blocks for the trigger, use an if statement to check if the player’s team number is greater than 1. In the case that it is true, make it broadcast on a channel that deactivates the vending machines. It should also increment a global number property named “Num Bad Guys in Zone”. Now, for the zone, make it broadcast to a trigger when someone leaves. Make it check if the triggering player’s team number is greater than 1 using an if statement. In the case that it is true, it should set “Num Bad Guys in Zone” to itself minus 1. In the true case still, place another if statement that checks if the property is 0. If it is 0, then it should broadcast on a channel that activates all the vending machines.


Thats the super smart version of what i said.


Vending machines have an option to sell only to a specific team.

:joy: lol

we all forgot about that

Just psuedo team, and turn off the vending machines if the zone the vending machine is in detects someone with the incorrect item.

They might not know what pseudo teaming is, you should explain it.

Lifecycle → relay (team 2) → item granter.

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and a checker

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Make a barrier active on start then with a lifecycle put it on game start. Wire that to a wore repeater that is one team that you want to have it. Wire that to a barrier that can be invis with floor to make it unnoticable

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