How do i end the game with killing sentrys

im making a map where you need to kill 3 high hp level sentrys and i cant figure out how to get it to end the game when you kill all 3 of them

Place a Knockout Manager, Zone, Counter and an End Game Device.

Player Enters Zone > Activate Knockout Manager

Target Knocked Out > Increment Counter

Target Value Reached > End Game

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Use a counter, SENTRY KNOCKED OUT ----> INCREASE COUNTER. and set the target to 3, then: TARGET NUMBER REACHED ----> END GAME. (P.S: us a end game device on the second wiring to end the game)

or if it is a certain sentry, hook up a wire from a sentry to an end game device and do sentry knocked out ----> end game

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wecoem to AAAAAAA

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