Need help building

Can I have help building my target practice arena?

Ok so this is not the place for codes

This is where codes can be posted

please post your code here

It does take sometime though, they have actually accept you into the group.

and @getrithekd thank you and @NavyCatZ for stepping up since some of our greatest helpers left the forum or are taking breaks

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You can use sentries as targets. Here are some guides that may help with this:

Also welcome to the forum! Once you get enough answers, mark the best one as a solution.

Thank you
Very much!

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If you need help with the design of it you should ping WolfTechnogly by putting an “@“ in front of it. I am not pinging them now because I am not sure if you need help with your design

Welcome to the fourms, @Boi! Check out the beginner-must-read tag

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