I need help with making an Art Contest

This is my first ever project on Gimkit and I really want to do an art contest. What theme should it be and should I make a google doc detailing the contest and what the rules are?


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welcome to the forums @Scaras_Lover
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you could make it to where it’s involving gimkit, and you could spin a wheel to decide
the theme of the art!

That’s a nice idea, however, you can’t host or create another topic advertising your art competition. Technically, you could move it over to a padlet or on the Chatting Wixsite, but it’s most likely to be flagged here. However, I look forward to seeing people compete or participate in your event!

Also, welcome to the forums, @Scaras_Lover! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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I suggest you host this on a padlet.
Also, welcome to the c̶i̶t̶y̶ o̶f̶ c̶h̶a̶o̶s̶ the forums @Scaras_Lover !

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  1. Nature-inspired artwork
  2. Abstract art using various colors
  3. Pop culture and fan art
  4. Surrealism art inspired by dreams or nightmares
  5. Portraits of famous personalities
  6. Minimalist art using simple shapes and lines
  7. Illustrations of fantasy creatures or characters
  8. Historical and cultural art inspired by different eras and regions
  9. Still life art featuring everyday objects
  10. Street art and graffiti inspired artwork.
    @Scaras_Lover I think you should make like a google doc, or canva thing, to make like an art gallery or something. Good luck on your project!
    California_Love I don’t think they were advertising… they were asking for ideas on it.
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Ha! @leo_flowers, you’re so full of ideas.
Sometimes, I wish I was like that sometimes. Good that you’re helping…

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Welcome to the forums, @Scaras_Lover !
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You help too! I’ve seen some amazing work that you put effort in, and that everyone has ideas. The ideas… they may not be on the topic you are looking for, but imagine all the possibilities that can be shared with just one idea! :wink:

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You do good work, too! I know right! Like platforming is just one idea, and hundreds of possible games and ideas can be created from it! :smile: That’s actually magical, but not really…
I’m sounding like a Disney character right now…

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Hehe Disney. [1]

  1. Just know that everyone has there own ideas, no matter the challenge. Everyone is special and unique in there own ways. :smiley: ↩︎

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Thank you all so much for the ideas! It really helped me a lot! I will be posting more details next week!

Again, if you haven’t read my post, I suggest you move to a site like Padlet. Stuff like this really does clutter up the forum. Not that this is a bad idea though.

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