Off-Topic [Dont Respond]

Hello everyone,

Welcome, just talk share your feelings

Welcome to the forum @Dinosaurtoothpaste but this is off topic, the wix site is where this type of stuff happens. Please change this to help and devices and mark a solution to avoid being flagged!

I’m sorry but this is very off-topic

i flagged it. so we chilli

Anyone who responds after this post SHOULD AND MUST be flagged!
MARK a solution please.
im not threataning…just whenever we dont say this a million people post unstopping on these off topic posts.ive seen it millions of times.

should we really we threatening flags like that?
anyway basic rules


This is off-topic please save this type of content for the wixsite.

Also mark a solution and can someone add the off-topic tag to this.
Screenshot 2024-02-21 8.40.11 AM

If the user is new, we should not threaten flagging them.
Let’s introduce the rules to them.
Also, @Dinosaurtoothpaste, the Devices tag is only used for when making guides about devices.

Let this be the last reply.

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Welcome to the forums @Dinosaurtoothpaste!

Don’t forget to check out the Forum beginners and forum-tips tag.

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful, posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative.

While you’re at it, I suggest also reading the TOS and FAQ.

If you need help with anything, just ask! After all, this is a Community Forum :slight_smile:

As you journey through life, may you find joy in every step, courage in every challenge, and inspiration in every moment. Me, Caternaught the art enthusiast, wishes you Great luck as you face through life’s problems. Remember, life isn’t about hating the mistakes you make, but the wisdom you find after.

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This is off topic please don’t do this

You have a point @Dinosaurtoothpaste please read the forum TOS and forum-beginners and forum-tips categories for more information. If you break these rules your post could get flagged and taken down by staff.

Now lets let this topic rest.

“What would’ve worked better is just ignoring off-topic posts. There were WAY WAY more posts asking people not to post off-topic comments than there were ACTUAL off-topic comments. :man_facepalming:”-Jeff 2024

Guys we need to remember this better.


@California_Love awww thank you okay