How to make a 3 life system?

I want to make a 3 life system in my map after a certain point in the game. I am basically making a puzzle game that eventually turns into a P.V.E.-styled game, like One Way Out. However, I am not sure how to make a 3-Life System for each player after this point. How would I do this?
(I am thinking that the 3 life system will be active for each player once they teleport to a specific location, the same location mind you.)

Oh, I forgot to mention. This is a cooperative game, every player is on the same team.

You could store the number of lives each player has in a property. Each time they die, decrease the property by one. When the property is 0, don’t let them respawn.

How would I do this? I am new to Gimkit Creative… I am not sure how to decrease properties.

This requires block code. If you’re new to gimkit creative, you should probably avoid it.

Use this guide but make the overlays and counters scope global

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Inefficient. Make a counter default 3, target 0. When the player dies, it should be decreased by 1.

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You could also use counters.

That would have been me, like a week ago. I’m coming out of the blocks and starting to mechanize more things instead of taking an escape route through blocks. So, you would have a counter with a target of 3, default of 0, and it would increase when a player dies.