Delete this please

Hi guys how are you doing today I hope you are doing good okay

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Um welcome to the forums @Fire_Qwertyuiop remember to read the FAQ:
This isn’t allowed since the forums aren’t for chatting


Welcome this will get flagged btw!
read the f&q please!

lol, same link

Since this is his/her first time on the forums I’d say don’t flag it

Ok. I would agree!

But please mark solution!

my day is good hbu?

hello, @Fire_Qwertyuiop, and welcome to the forums!
thanks for being kind, and i hope your day is good as well.
unfortunately, this would be considered off-topic which is against the rules. this website is for gimkit creative only. if you want to know more, check this out.


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I agree.
Welcome to the forums, @Fire_Qwertyuiop ! This isn’t allowed, but now you know, so please do not do it again!