Making pvp teams

I’m making a game and I’m trying to make each player on a separate team after being on the same team. I’m trying to do this so that team 1 has no players and each team has only 1 player in it. Basically I want everyone to be on a separate team with no players on 1 specific team. If anyone knows how to do that, please tell me. Thanks for your help!

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You can go to map options and click teams, next to featured. Set the teams option to FFA.

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some photos
that could help’
Screenshot 2024-02-26 20.29.25

But I want people to not be able to attack each other first, but be able to attack when they enter a certain area.

with weapons or tagging?

I’m trying to do it with weapons

give me a minute. figuring it out for myself.

Np. Thanks for your help.

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you could allow the player to get the weapon when the player enters the area
if so tell me what weapon

then when the play leaves clear the item

Well that wouldn’t really work b/c I’m having them buy weapons before. Also, all I’m trying to figure out is to switch teams for pvp with one specific team having no players.

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If I don’t seem to be understanding this correctly, please let me know and try to explain it to me.

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oh. well you could place zones in the area you dont want to have gadget fire then have the area where you do want gadget fire on’

im sure there is an easier way but this is all i can think of

I basically want there to be a team with no players. I already figured out how to change it to pvp, I just don’t have that part.

What would that team be used for?
just so i get a better understanding

I’m using a flag and I want everyone to be able to pick it up w/o a defender team that can’t pick it up. I want all players to be able to kill each other and be able to pick up and hold the flag. So team 1, with no players, will serve as the defender team so that the other teams that do have players will be able to pick up the flag. Do you understand what I mean?

ill see what i can do
im tired and im not the best at gkc

maybe you can have the players choose what role they want that way the defender has that one player while the rest are attackers