I need help with my bedwars-type game

Little issue I encountered while testing. Players from the same team can destroy their own bed. Is there some way I can disable this?

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I’m not 100% sure if this is true but I think there’s a setting in the thing that allows you to let only specific teams destroy the bed. Alternatively, add a barrier around the bed that only allows the other team to enter and therefore destroy the bed.

No you cannot have certain teams damage certain props without some device or block wizardry I don’t know.

Edit: it’s their fault if they break it lol

Won’t work if there’s more than 2 teams.

Remember my plan? Here it is with 4 teams. (and more detaled)

All wires currently are:

all barrier settings are:

All bed settings are

Now it’s a bit complicated. (no blocks though)
Add 4 more zones on top of the existing zones. They have the settings of:

Add a team switcher with the settings of:


Thats_Gimpossible, can I be an Un-featured helper

Y’all are so helpful :sob::sob: I hope this can be an actual game mode in the future bc this is kinda interesting

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@Oblivion_Gamez1245 That was a movement/group in the old forum, now that doesn’t really exist however anyone who is happy to help, not for any fame/title/whatever reward can be an unfeatured helper!

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Thanks! I’ll be an unfeatured helper!

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(📰 Resources) Resources for Bedwars here’s a full guide on every mechanic for bedwars type games.

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Welcome to the community, @Crimsonrimi!

Thanks but unfortunately my assignment ended 4 months ago :sob::sob:

dang, that sucks, sorry

Welcome to the forum @Crimsonrimi and @williamn, make sure to read the Welcome to the Forums!, anyway, WELCOME!

Check out my new guide for Bedwars! That might help lol

That is very wise but at the time I am posting this the pickaxe item has been added for the new dig it up game mode so I suggest using that

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