Ideas for a map

Good ideas!!!1

Sooooooooooooooo like who doing it?i mean i can but yk…

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@_Angel-Loves.u, anyone can. Will it be hard? Absolutely. But the best maps are the hardest to create! For example, I’m making a Hunger Games one. It’s hard but worth it!


Nice! how is it going so far?

Good. Make sure to stay on topic, ok?

And @B_O_Z_O_28 , I don’t recommend putting your real name and where you live in your profile…Use cinema carpet and use theater chairs.


has this solved been solved yet or not yet? And welcome to the community @_Angel-Loves.u! Make sure to read the FAQ and TOS.


it hasnt bc the topic would close in 3h

Here are some lore ideas:

Haunted Movie Theater 😱🍿

Once a grand and wealthy venue that hosted some of the most captivating performances, the old movie theater now stands abandoned and decrepit. It is believed that a tragedy occurred here many years ago, and the restless spirits of the unfortunate still haunt the place.

The theater’s walls are drenched in an eerie silence, but now and then, the echoes of ghostly laughter and whispers can be heard. Strange occurrences have been reported by those foolish enough to venture inside, including flickering lights, moving objects, and even apparitions.

The goal of the game is to uncover the secrets of the movie theater and its mysterious past while surviving the paranormal activity within. Players must explore the dark and ominous corridors of the theater, searching for clues and solving puzzles to progress. They must also avoid the malevolent spirits that roam the halls, using their wits and whatever tools they can find to stay safe.

As the mystery unravels, players will discover the truth behind the theater’s haunted past and the fate of those who once performed there. But the deeper they delve, the more dangerous the spirits become, and players must tread carefully to avoid becoming one of them.

Normal Movie Theater 🍿

Once upon a time in a bustling city, there was a grand movie theater that had been a cornerstone of the community for decades. The theater had seen countless films, hosted numerous premieres, and brought joy and entertainment to generations of moviegoers.

However, in recent years, attendance at the theater had dwindled, and the owners were struggling to keep the business afloat. They decided to take a gamble and invest in a new interactive movie experience. They called it “Movie Adventures.”

The goal of the game was simple: players would enter the theater and choose an adventure to embark on. They would don special glasses and become fully immersed in the action on the big screen, interacting with the characters and making choices that would impact the outcome of the story.

The first adventure was a pirate-themed tale of high seas adventure, where players had to outwit rival pirates and find a hidden treasure. The second was a sci-fi epic, where players had to navigate an alien planet and save humanity from invasion.

As word of the new interactive movie experience spread, people flocked to the theater, eager to try it out for themselves. The owners were thrilled to see the renewed interest in their business, and they continued to come up with new adventures for players to embark on.

Magical Movie Theater 🪄🍿

Once upon a time, in a world filled with magic and wonder, there stood a movie theater unlike any other. This theater was not just a place to watch movies, but a magical portal to other worlds. The seats were enchanted, and once you sat down, you were transported to the world of the movie you were about to watch.

The theater was run by a wise old wizard who had been studying magic his entire life. He had created the theater to share his love of movies and magic with the world. But the wizard was getting old, and he knew that he needed to find a successor to take over the theater when he was gone.

To find the perfect successor, the wizard created a game for aspiring wizards and witches to play. The game was simple - all you had to do was choose a movie to watch, and then use your magical powers to solve the puzzles and challenges that awaited you in the movie world.

The goal of the game was to become the next owner of the magical movie theater. The winner would not only inherit the theater, but also the wizard’s vast knowledge of magic and the ability to create new movie worlds.

Many young wizards and witches tried to win the game, but only a few succeeded. The challenges were difficult, and the puzzles were complex, but those who possessed the necessary skills and determination were able to overcome them.

It’s a lot to read, I know. But I hope you like the ideas! If you happen to pick one, please credit me!

This what i have so far guys this is not advertising though i just don’t want ideas i already have!!!

I have moving space as the movie and movie chairs
I have an arcade
I have dance floor
I have an outside street
And a lot more
I always thought i was creative but always am looking for ideas

And my name is ok in my profile i did not tell anybody me adress so…

Also I have a were you can buy a ticket and you cant enter intil you buy one and a few other missions.

That doesnt matter AND IM NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT

Does this help? And if you see the code, its invalid and does not work.


You still need to block it out as you could get flagged!

I’m quite aware of that, I was just asking in-case they forgot to mark a solution.

I look forward to seeing this!

Maybe Upcoming Movie Posters.

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