This is my among us map

ok sounds good also whats the wix?

Please mark this as a guide, It does not fall under the Help catagory and might confuse users on the way to make guides.


i made a hunger games map i haven’t posted yet but i will soon

It wouldn’t really fall into Community Made Guides because it doesn’t provide steps.

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Welcome to the Forums @dogebread! I suggest reading guides in beginner-must-read and forum-tips.
If you need help, ping anyone with the title “Regular” next to their name. They can help you in in-depth mechanics.


Welcome to the Community @dogebread!

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What would it fall under? It shows a map and if he edits it it can be a guide.

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Probably Devices and off-topic.

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Well thats what its set under now…

Yeah, I edited it.

Thought so.

thanks for that im making a hunger games map and i need help

No problem, just give you little tips and tricks for the forum.

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It would probably be better to make a seperate Help post on it as more people can see it.

Welcome to the forum!

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i cant access the wix sadly its blocked right now but when i get home ill try it

Ok, thats why I made the GCC, because of the Wix blockage issue.

wix bloked me is that sposed to happen?

No some schools have the wix Blocked, so users can’t get on, its a common issue but it did not block you. Thats why the GCC has over 60+ users from the forum so that they can off-topic chat and post codes.