This is my among us map

thanks for that im making a hunger games map and i need help

No problem, just give you little tips and tricks for the forum.

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It would probably be better to make a seperate Help post on it as more people can see it.

Welcome to the forum!

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i cant access the wix sadly its blocked right now but when i get home ill try it

Ok, thats why I made the GCC, because of the Wix blockage issue.

wix bloked me is that sposed to happen?

No some schools have the wix Blocked, so users can’t get on, its a common issue but it did not block you. Thats why the GCC has over 60+ users from the forum so that they can off-topic chat and post codes.

How do i get on to gcc i whant to know how i can get on

Check wolf technology’s profile. The link is on there.

3 things:

  1. Very good! Love the vents and decorations!
  2. This is kind of off-topic, as you don’t need help. Maybe do this on the wix or discourse.
  3. what is that name
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I suggest you don’t post it here though. Technically, things like this should not be allowed as they can cause clutter, etc., etc.

It’s because they zoomed out, the view in Gimkit is almost as same as the view in Among Us.

Oh, I didn’t know that! It only works if the spaces aren’t next to the <> brackets though.

(I just remembered that I didn’t add the <> brackets to the explanation, whoops)

That’s awesome dude! Can I help?

@craftking12, please mark a solution, as (technically) this is off-topic.

Edit: @WolfTechnology, there you go

If jeffo opened it after all of the off-topic post, it seems like he approves it. So I don’t see the need to mark a solution.

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