I Need help with my open world game where you do quests to beat the game

PLease i need help so put your suggestions in the comments

welcome to the forum @JupiterYT28 ! and maybe you could add shops to upgrade your weapon

puzzles. you need puzzles

Maybe stamina? It would decease your speed the lower it gets.

Welcome to the forums @JupiterYT28! What is the theme of your open world map?

ok i will do that since there will be an bank rob and you have to rob it without being killed by sentries

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life! you have to complete quests and the person to die first wins. Its kinda like the board game “The game of life”

We’ll, i’ve never played “life”, so i don’t know what to tell you. Sorry.

Ok! ill add a couple of mazes

oh okay! its fine! ill find someone

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how good are you with wires and devices because i could help with that

I wish there was like some kind of patrolling entity that would be cool
But yeah make a fetch quest :skull:

Welcome to the forum! You should add some areas where you can regenerate health here and there.

You could add underwater mechanics, hunger, maybe a puzzle where each button opens and closes certain doors, and only the correct combination will open all of them. For quests, you could do things like find the key in the darkness, or knockout all sentries in the darkness before time runs out, an Earth Vault, an Ice Vault, and maybe a boss battle with custom attacks.

Maybe check out these posts:

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Alright, thanks!

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