How do I erase every item in their inventory after death

I need help in my map on how to erase items in a person’s inventory after death, but i have a free for all map and i need it so those players keep their items too.

Try This guide @Green_BeanWasTaken! And welcome to the community!

There’s a option for that in the settings, I believe.

Sorry, @WolfTechnology

I didn’t see that…

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Not sure, i know its in the Knockout Managers settings for sure. Your good.

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I didn’t know that we are suppost to write a welcome speech for ever new person, wow a lot has changed in a week.

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Yeah I just say “welcome to the forums”

Same, I have for many many months. Its easier and it still shows hospatality.


OHHHH, if the player respawns when knocked out, use the actual settings…
Using @WolfTechnology’s given guide will work, though, if they DON’T.

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OH NONONO! I dont mean to be mean to other regulars, I just want to get rid of the drk age and provide happiness to the forums during the “Dark ages” I don’t mean to be rude :frowning:

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Can you explain what you mean by

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I’m just saying that @Caternaught was saying it as if that’s what every Regular should do, rather than it being something optional. You not doing the same doesn’t reflect off your status as a Regular, because everyone doesn’t do the same.

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Your fine @California_Love. We all are over complicating this. As I said, Regular is a badge/status. It shows that you are trusted and expirenced on here, but not better than anyone else. You could be a basic and have more reliable answers and knowledge than a regular. And what @Caternaught is doing creates diversity, so not all the regulars or others, say the same welcome. And @California_Love that is a good goal, it was one of my 5 goals that I have for the forum, and I have gotten all but one of mine complete. So I suggest we hush because this sis a useless argument and get back on topic.


@Green_BeanWasTaken The best solution to your problem is Wolf’s first reply:

Here is the guide they linked:

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