In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

Where is Send Notification Block?

So whats it supposed to look like when its done, because I think I got it

It’s in the Notification’s For This Device block.

The title will show the triggering player’s name and the content will send the message.

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wait how did you type that in under 5 seconds…

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@Haiasi there is no Title, Just Header and Content,
Are you referring to the Header? (Because Some Headers are Titles)

No, I mean the title of the Notification.
The Notification is what sends the message.

3 post per new user is wild tho

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Done All I could @Haiasi
Honestly It Isn’t Working, I’ll try again Later
Let you know when its Working!

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There isn’t a notification block in the popup’s blocks. The one I used was an activity feed item.

Yeah, I just made an alternate version with notifications.
(Idk why, but I prefer notifications for the chatting system, Ig the activity feed block looks cleaner and smaller and most people prefer it.)

I also used notifications and cut down on memory a lot. I prefer notifications because you can only see activity feed items if your screen is at 80% zoom.


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Ok, first of all, your screen size may be too small to see activity feed, try zooming out or going fullscreen mode
second of all, make sure the first popup opens on channel chat

Amazing guide @Dayy.

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Hold up?
What, First popup? What are you talking about?