How to Make a Battle Royale Game

  1. First, you must put down a life-cycle device down (can be anywhere on your map).
  2. Then, switch event to “Player knocked out”
  3. After this, make it so that when a player gets knocked out, transmit on “Switch Team”
    (channel name can be your choice)
  4. Next, put down a team switcher device
  5. Then, change switch strategy to specific team
  6. After this, make sure the team the player will switch to is spectators
  7. Lastly, make this event happen when the channel name (as stated in step 3) is broadcasted

The default team mode is FFA, so could you just give everyone a weapon and make the weapon delete when you die?

this is already in the gimkit documentation thing

I know that. I’m just re-stating it here

Yes, you can give everyone a weapon as soon as they spawn. You can also make it so that they lose their weapon when they die.





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