(Completed Guide) How to make an Easter Bunny to celebrate Easter🐰

Nice guide remember,

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I guess pictures really do speak louder than words. Just like actions would speak louder than words.

Yeah pictures are great, especially for art guides

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Bella Bunny, Bella, or Bella B.


no sorry that is against the rules so please delete that message.

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Is your PFP screaming or in shock, @vqnillaxx?

it’s the “my students are all morons” meme

now back on topic

you could try this
its not really active much tho

Someone make a joke! I has perfect reaction…

my doctor told me I have dementia but I don’t remember asking


Actually, it’s pretty funny.

Great guide, but could you add photos for clarity?

To me, might be because it was a duplicate, and a ton of topics were already made for thumbnail requests. It keeps being taken down anyway (not that I’m complaining).

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You should make Jesus’ crucifixion, and then Jesus’ resurrection. Also cool guide!

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that would be waaay to graphic for gimkit would get flagged immediately.

You don’t have to make it graphic. Plus this is the true story of Easter soooo…

  1. not all people are christian (e.g. i’m buddhist)
  2. crucifixion would still not be allowed because it has to be appropriate for people six and above
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