Better Boss Sentries

How to make a better Boss
As some of you guys might know, I am new to the gimkit forum. BUT I am one of the first people to play gimkit 2d modes.

(Sorry guys, but I don’t want to reveal my name, that’s why I blacked out my name.)

As you can see, the boss fires waves of snowballs,
And you guys might wonder HOW DID YOU DO THAT.
Well, what I did was copy multiple sentries, then, alter the aim accuracy

so that there is 1 max accuracy, 1 high, one.1 medium… etc.
Then, you could add quantum portal sentries to add an extra barrier of bullets.
1 Thing to remember is to edit the sentries range so that there are no blind spots.
(That was a issue in my map) Because I have found that the default range for sentries is
a little bit smaller than the max FOV of a player.
Also keep in mind that if you add multiple sentries, it has ALOT of health, so you might want to decrease some of the sentries health.

Thank you guys for reading

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this is kinda short short guides have a tendency to get flagged

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Oh really?
I didn’t know that!
I will add some more stuff into my posts then

yup also search to make sure it doesn’t exist