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I have a quest like game. I want something to happen to each player AS THEY COMPLETE the quest. Right now, it just ends the game for ALL players. (not optimal)

So, how do I just end the game for that ONE player?
End the game after a certain number of players (say 10)
Suggestions on what to do with the players after they finish the quest.

thanks for the suggestions as I know they are going to be great!

To end the game for just one player, use a team switcher and set it to spectator.
To end the game after a few players do something, make a counter that starts at zero with a target value of, say, ten, and when someone does the task, it increments using wires/channels. Next, do this:
Counter: target value reached -------> End the game with an end game device.


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Well, maybe try to use a relay and turn the players into spectators, also maybe use counters to make the game do something specifically. Also, welcome to the forums, @pezduhgim !

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I’ve never really used relays. What are they and why is one needed?

they choose players.

@DragonFlagon872 this might be useful

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Oh wow! I’ll definitely use these in future! It’ll save A LOT of memory!


Because of the great feedback here on the board, I also have been playing around with anyone who finishes the quest, it transported to a completely different room. (not sure what is going on there in that room, yet)

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I have ONE FINAL QUESTION at the end.

I have TWO counters attached.

ONE counter is for the PLAYER only and has a target of ONE.
When that ONE question is answered, and the target is reached, it disables the Questioner and for that player, and a Banner appears that says, “Go Get a Friend” - so the player is still in the game, but can go back and help a friend.

I made ANOTHER counter, that is Global and has a target of TEN.
When TEN people answer the last question correctly, the Game is over!

Thanks for all the good ideas, I have learned a lot in just 3 hours!

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