Final question about counters

I have ONE FINAL QUESTION at the end.

I have TWO counters attached.

ONE counter is for the PLAYER only and has a target of ONE.
When that ONE question is answered, and the target is reached, it disables the Questioner and for that player, and a Banner appears that says, “Go Get a Friend” - so the player is still in the game, but can go back and help a friend.

I made ANOTHER counter, which is Global and has a target of TEN.
When TEN people answer the last question correctly, the Game is over!

(this help post is for the new user @pezduhgim as the help topic ended before he could receive his answer)

Can you provide context (the original help post)

i just added it before you posted :slight_smile:

(I created this and forgot to add it so I went ahead and added it)

i understand that @pezduhgim is new and I wanted to make sure he got his question answerd

New? They joined in August.

new as in gimkit mechanics

(and it was the first time they posted)


HA! I am a teacher and signed up for everything in August. But just started ‘building’ in February.
So old and new! HA

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Yes, I think it was solved. Thanks for checking up.
The answers inspired me to do something similar.
I am super happy with the help provided.

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I see the confusion.

I really did not have a question per se!

When I said I have one final question. I meant I have a QUESTIONER and it just has one question to answer, then it turns off.

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Question answered correctly → wire repeater → close question answering screen

I don’t think a teacher would speak like that.


I don’t know about that…