A Memory Efficient Selling System

it works now thank you

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No thank you for informing me about a bug!

I Wish There Were More Pictures So I Could Understand More.

Mine is not working I got a button and made it transmit sell and i made multiple units but it still doesn’t work can someone pls help me i can show a picture if needed @getrithekd pls help

Can you show a picture? Also, welcome to the forums!

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yes ok and thank you

Screenshot 2024-02-21 12.20.46 PM
I have a lot of these units because I am making a farming system @getrithekd

@getrithekd i actually figured it out instead of wiring the checker to the trigger, i needed to wire the trigger to the checker :smile:

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One thing: make the delays .015. After that, you need to input the channel for the item granter that takes the corn away.

Memory-efficient bump

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I made different units but the cash granting isn’t working (I’m doing a fishtopia). Like, if I have multiple fish, say, five gray fishes ($1 each) and one green fish ($2), it grants me more cash than I need (like $16). Also, even after I take away all my fish, if I press the button again without getting more fish, it keeps granting more cash until it stops after like four more presses, so I end up with $22 instead of the $7 I should have gotten. But at the start of the game, before I start fishing, it doesn’t give me any cash. Can someone help?

Can I see your device systems?

I can help, but I’ll first need to see your device systems.



You have to make the wires start at the checker and not the trigger.

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I did that, but now I’m getting more cash than I need. (3 $1 fish + 1 $5 fish is getting me $20)

Did you double check all the channels?

Yes, but now I’m either getting too little cash or too much cash :confused:

Try making each trigger receive and broadcast on a different channel and change the checker’s channels accordingly.

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