A Memory Efficient Selling System

This guide shows you how to have the most efficient selling system this forum has ever seen (NO BLOCKS FOR Y’ALL). It will use a for loop to do the stuff.

This guide is very easily expandable to many different types of goods.

The Guide

We have an channel that is called “sell”. This is the channel that triggers whenever you want to sell all items. Comment if you want to make it to sell a player-specified amount of items.

There will be “units” of selling goods. Each unit will sell all of the specific goods the player has. So here’s how to make that unit:

First make a trigger that receives on “sell” (.015s delay*). This will broadcast on “check[insert item name here]”. Make a checker receive on “check[insert item name here]”. It should check if the amount of the item is greater than 0. Wire it to the trigger to trigger it if the check passes. In the checker settings, make it broadcast on “give[insert item name here]Cash”. Make an item granter grant cash when receiving on “give[insert item name here]Cash”. Change the amount of cash to be the value of your item. Also make the trigger take away one of the item.

Here is a unit:

Copy and paste this unit and REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE ITEMS IN THE CHANNEL NAMES. Also change the cash value as you wish.

For ClicClac

No, I am not adding more pictures because I don’t want to spoonfeed things to the forums.

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Ooh! good idea for this type of guide!

nice and this makes my selling system… well… what’s the word for it?

Uhh, More creative? Nicer? More efficient? I don’t know. Those randomly came to my mind.

Im trying to make a fast food tycoon map and am trying to get the selling mechanic to work but i cant seem to help wanted

my setup
sry its all in one image it wont let me send more

You need to input the item into the item option for the checker. Welcome to the forums!

Also, I made a mistake in the guide. It should be fixed now.

duz this make the vending machine more innificient?

it now gives me money now but it wont stop and keeps giving me it

Do you have the negative item granter for your item?

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You don’t need that.

yes, i was talking about that.

no i forgot to add that i will add it


is it that

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That is the item you’re selling.

one sec im gona reread it

what is the negative one also how do i change my profile pic

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The negative one is the one with the question mark. Change that to take away your item that you sell.

it takes it away when it receives what signal

it works now thank you

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