New to the forums

That was disabled on this forum

and advertising your gams here is not allowed

I recommend reading the FAQ and rules, your also not allowed to advertise though. Some cool things are you can bump guides! Only after 5 days though.

What is bump guides mean? What is a FAQ? Thanks again :slight_smile:

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FAQ is basically the basic rules here

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welcome to the forums!

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bumping is kind of like recommending a guide to everyone!

Oh ok! (It wont let me post without having lots of charectors)

I didn’t post the codes though

bumping a guide is where you type “bump” on a guide to bring it to the top of the list
you must wait five days since the last post before you bump and try to not bump your own posts

to get around the limit put letterings inside of <> no spaces and no special characters

mentioning the game name is advertising

Oh ok. I wont do that again. Is that not allowed in discovery then? Cause TryEverything and Salty do it all the time and have like a game catalog

this forum is for help building maps
you can put games in your bio but nowhere else here

Ok! yes I want help building a map! Does anyone know TryEverything is busy? Or if any one else wants to help me, that would be fun!

they are offline

also please note since you just joined today
you only have 10 replies

Ok. Maybe do you want to? Also a thing popped up, and it says I can do personal messages…


So cant i message TryEverything?

no that still pop up put everyone will see what you type


That is a bug


Oh ok. Is there a way to get someone attention or email them or something? Also if we cannot share codes, how do i get help? Can i share links?