New to the forums

no that still pop up put everyone will see what you type


That is a bug


Oh ok. Is there a way to get someone attention or email them or something? Also if we cannot share codes, how do i get help? Can i share links?

You can advertise games in your bio though.

We help you with parts of the game
since codes can’t be shared we show you what to do

Ok! I have an idea, if someone wants to help me… it would be like a ghost in the raveyard game (TryEverything made one and I like it, but i want it to be scary instead of in a museum) but how can i do that?

I started by adding dry grass and these brick things for headstones, but i want it to be dark or something…. Is there a way to do that?

Also I cant reply!

check out halloween
as you may have noticed you are out of replies
tomorrow you won’t have a limit