Need help for a thumbnail

Why am i so slow at making thumbnails

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tell me what slogan u want me to use

the best I got if u want me to add anything else ping me

Hey Spydecraft, I’m in the SIU team with my friends and we’re the people doing a Collab with you I wanted to know what you needed help with.

so what can I help with?

Welcome to the community @M3SSI_SIU! Make sure to read the FAQ and TOS. If you have any questions about the rules feel free to ping me.

you guys are a whole team?

yea its just my friends

i have i group too it’s called the gimkit legends

translate that part in latin

oh can you put the co d e in the website???

so I can work on it okay??

c o d e for what game

your new map???

bro i already posted but you can add some stuff

yea Im gonna add stuff here

it might disconnect you so we will talk later

put the c o d e

look for the five nights at spydecraft’s 2

I’m in I’ma add stuff