Need help for a thumbnail

after the success of the game five nights at spydecraft’s, i want to make the sequel, so i need an artist

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and the thumnail should you the 8-bit gim and name it five nights at spydecraft’s 2

I can be your artist!!

ok sure, show me what you got.

@Spydecraft245 if I find time I can also help


do you know what happened? I still don’t have it I contacted the team the only thing they suggested so far was your email so they can see the purchase

okay so do you want it handdrawn and here is one of my thumbnails

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sure the more the better,
and @Claire_B and @Foxy are hired and you the requirements for the thumnail

@Foxy hmm well I can email gimkit because the link in your bio is now not active and my card went down $5 so I would say it is a issue because I clearly did it :confused:

Yeah, I recommend @Claire_B she is extrememly good at art


what do you want in the thumbnail

I guess they need the email of the person who did it to find the purchase


@Foxy in a few minutes I can hop onto my padlet and yours so we can chat there…

I don’t know if I can do and 8-bit gim but I can try something else


  • purple 8-bit gim

  • tittle must say “five nights at spydecraft’s 2”

  • must have fnaf 2 office backround

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okay got it I will have it for you by tonight

Ok guys, i dont want to say this, but this is dumb. Foxy has a thumbnail request post, and you could put it there. BUT GUYS, there are over 5 thumbnail hlp posts!
Now dont take offense from this, but just move everything to there pls

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nice thanks for every thing :blush:

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it got blocked…
I currently hate my computer

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I’m seeing if Jeff can reopen it
definitely needed right now

yeah, that is a issue

yeah, cause i counted and there were 5/6 post that were thumbnail requests