How to make a Diamond on a Platform

Make sure to finish it soon, trust level 1 has very small window in which you can edit.

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ok i will thanks @VoidFluffy

tell me how yall like it

Welcome to the forums @KingVon1! This guide is very cool. I might use it in a map

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for real thanks i am starting to like on forms

@MachineFun if you do can i see the map when it is done

Nice guide, @KingVon1!

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thank you @California_Love


@MachineFun i bet it will look amazing

Welcome to the forums @KingVon1!

Don’t forget to check out the new-user-must-read and forum-tips tag.

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful, posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative.

While you’re at it, I suggest also reading the

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If you need help with anything, just ask!

After all, this is a Community Forum :slight_smile:

As you journey through life, may you find joy in every step, courage in every challenge, and inspiration in every moment. Me, Caternaught the art enthusiast, wishes you Great luck as you face through life’s problems. Remember, life isn’t about hating the mistakes you make, but the wisdom you find after. :slight_smile:

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@Caternaught ok will and thenks for the advise

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@Caternaught i have somethings to ask about this form

what do you want to ask me? i can help you with anything @KingVon1 :slight_smile:

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so if i was to make something to help someone do i put it here or make a new guide @Caternaught

if it relates to this guide, put it here. If not make a new guide for that :slight_smile:

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@Caternaught ok thanks

Simple, but I like the guide!

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what guide do i make next

Rating Time!:
Grammar :memo:: This guide doesn’t have much vocabulary, which makes sense as it’s an art guide, but is missing a few capitalizations and a few words are misspelled. ★★★☆☆
Explanation :loud_sound:: This guide has many pictures for visualization for the readers and is fairly easy to comprehend. ★★★★★
Title and Structure :moyai:: This guide has an accurate title representing it. It doesn’t have much structure and neatness, but good nonetheless. ★★★★☆
Overall: This is a pretty good guide all-around! Good Job :+1: ★★★★☆