How do I create a popup text upon interaction?

So, I want to make a map where you’re stranded on an island, and there’s a note that, upon interaction, creates a popup text (to that player) “We’ve been stranded here for a while…”

I’m very new to this, please be patient…

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Player Enters Zone > Trigger (set delay you want before showing popup)

Triggered > Show Popup

Player Leaves Zone > Deactivate Trigger

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I think they meant they wanted to show a popup when a player is in an area for too long.

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Here is a guide you can use to create a readable note, you can also change the font to make it seem a bit worn.

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

Mm yeah i changed my response a couple of minutes ago after i read it thru

Your welcome, let me know if i can help you with anything else!

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