Ideas help pleezz

I made a free for all-hunger games-1 life only map, but I was fresh out of Ideas in the start, any ideas?

Open world survival with quests and more! Welcome to the Forums!

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Welcome to the Community @DonkyBoy !

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So do you want a Free For all ,a battle Royal or a different type of theme?

wrong name… My apologies.

You can use this for ideas.

Welcome @DonkyBoy !
You should make your map take place in an open grassland, and collecting weapons in chests.

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Yeah I helped make most of that map, so I can help recreate it.

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  • Among us
  • Open world
  • Prison RP
  • Tycoon
  • Clicker game

Look through the ideas for more!

I started it in a spaceship, then should I make a corridor leading to an huge arena? or not? idk

Use this guide if you want players to have a certain number of lives:

Maybe add traps like mines or loot boxes that give ammo or weapons.

Yeah and I can help design props, custom props, and map ideas, that is what im known for and am very talented as.

Alright, if you started it in a spaceship, you should keep it that way then. Less work, faster finish.

Well what theme are you going for, that will tell you how yu should start your map.

If he is doing a space ship the theme is sci-fi, futuristic, and galaxy

Yeah, and you can make multiple spawn pads with “type of players that can spawn here” is everyone.
Maybe also add some sentries that drop cash.

well its not always about time, its about the quality and the look it gives other players think.

Thank you for the ideas!! :slight_smile: I have to go, byye!!

spelling correction for wolf tech

*you, *sci-fi, *futuristic, *galaxy
(sorry if im annoying)


Your Welcome, please remeber to mark a solution and thanks @Haiasi you need to be my personal spelling corrector.

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