Can somone make a hunger games map guide

i cant make cornicopia

What’s that?

It’ll take some time but yes I can. Do you want the items to be granted randomly when a player interacts with the cornucopia or do you want a series of items to be spawned around the cornucopia?

What are you having trouble with in terms of making it?

series of items please

You could have item spawners in different areas around the cornucopia and then have them have a 10-minute respawn for the item. (Just an idea.)

What specifically do you need help with?

I have a question: how would you make the land mine things?
(In hunger games there’s a timer for the start and if you move before it hits zero you get oofed)

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ok i got my man you first get a button
Screenshot 2023-09-18 3.17.09 PM
then get a prop you want just make sure the prop is bigger than the button get a prop like a crate or 3D printer etc.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 3.19.26 PM
now click the the button and follow the thing on screen

and now connect a wire from box to button

and now connect the button to the box

and now connect the button to an item granter

now put the box or prop over the button
Screenshot 2023-09-18 3.40.45 PM and now have fun

hope this help

i haven’t worked that out yet

Hey, the Season pass!!!

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Set up item spawners as shown below with each item you want to be around the cornucopia.

Place a prop-like leaves beneath the item spawner to cover it up.
If the game will take more than ten minutes you will want to use a barrier or some props to keep the players away so they can’t get the items again.

yeah my gran got it for me