So I need a new thumbnail for my creative map

I really need a good thumbnail for my creative map. The one i have right now is really low effort and i could really use some help for a new one. The game is called Banana battlegrounds. It is a 4 teams deathmatch where the goal is to upgrade your weapons and at the same time get the most knockouts at the end of 25 minutes. The idea i have right now is 4 splitzys in the middle of a fight with each have a different color peel. Blue, Red, Yellow, and Purple. Please let me know if you can help.


Welcome to the forums @Unlisted_Entity I think I can do it just give me some time

try make it a thumbnail were it’s is a picture of a jail for example for a jailbreak map

Add a giant banana with 4 splitsyes with guns. Add small bananas and position them so it looks like the guns are shooting them.

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I don’t feel like making a another thumbnail oh ready made one for someone else

I might make one depending if this is just make me a thumbnail But if this is a never-ending thumbnail poll…

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hows this…
I know its a little ugly, but I think it’ll work

thehacker120 said he was going to make one too


I give you the Stamp of approval.

Suggestion: remove the blood pls if you use that for your thumbnail, your game could get taken down.


I can do it for you!

Some of my work:

there is no blood… the red stuff is suppose to be a torn of shirt of jacket stuck on a log
but also thx for the reminder

oh dang!
i want to play those games!! lol

“kill the crew”
even for an imposter that just sounds evil

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I have been working on the game for a while, sadly it might take longer to finish, so you have to wait

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Thank you for offering! I would love you to make me thumbnail! Your work looks awesome!

Thank you Just explain what you want me to make.

I am finally done!

The result:
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Here is mine

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ehh it looks like he’s fighting himself

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