I'm new to the community anything I should know?

I only know about how to use gimkit creativity but idk the rules so I don’t get banned since each community has diff rules

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Welcome to the forum. This is a forum for Gimkit.

Community Made Guides - These are guides.
Help -Help posts
Devices - Off-topic/device topics
Updates - Forum updates
Bugs - Gimkit bugs’


Welcome to the forums, @Peanutbutter! Use this:
Welcome to the Forums!

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Ok i will look at it

okay i will look at it and look at the rules

@twofoursixeight’s post will tell you about different tags, though. Those are important.

is it blocked???

And if you would like to know about trust levels, you can read this:
Trust Levels

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trust levels means how much the community trusts you right?

An automated system. Higher trust level = more abilities.

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Er—sort of. It’s basically a level system that allows you to contribute more here. Like, @twofoursixeight is a Regular, which is actually the highest level besides Leader, which no one has gotten yet. I’m a Member, which is below a Regular, and Basic is below that.

Oh okay also why can’t anyone use short sentences if it to avoid spammers?

Oh so like I get trust levels from being in the community for longer or posting/ helping and i get more options?

Using short sentences is blocked to stop people from saying nothing but “Nice guide!” (The like button exists for a reason lol)

Oh did people use to spam it?

Because spamming creates clusters, and that makes everything all tangled up.
Posts would be bumped all the time, and taking time to consider typing is better.
Also, what @Blackhole927 mentioned as well.

It’s just that if you’re going to just say nice guide, you may as well just leave a like and not cause clutter.

Okay so I don’t use lower sentences also whats flags?

Okay i think i understand

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Flags are basically small messages that are for posts that are rude or hurtful. If your post gets flagged, it can be hidden or removed permanently, determining how many flags there are. I don’t think you will be able to flag yet, due to your trust level, but as you get promoted, you will be able to.