How to make it so you can change the questions when I share my game?

So when I create a link and play off that link I only get sample questions and I can’t change the questions when I’m in the lobby help me please.

Welcome to the forum, @Clutch272 !! Try changing the kit you have in your questioner.

Did you make the kit you are using public? Also welcome to the community, @Clutch272!

You can’t change the questions in game unfortunately, you’ll have to do that in editing mode, also welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the idea I will try it right now

I will try your idea too just in case this works.

To change the kit, go to your desired kit, click “view.” Copy your url in the top of your screen and paste that into the questioner.

Okay I will try that too thanks for the suggestion

Yes, unfortunately the kit that you use must be chosen in creative not outside of it. Hope this helps :grinning:

Thanks it does help very much.

Remember to Mark a Solution :grinning:

Hey thanks it fixed my problem

I have marked my solution and it worked. Thanks for your idea too.

Welcome to the forum, @Clutch272!

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