The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls [LENGTH WARNING 😈 ]

Isn’t that right…

Ever want to prank your friends, or trick them? Here are some guides and ideas:


Easy traps


Funny Traps For Your Games Butterfingers!
You can improvise this with other devices too. Like, when you try to buy a barrier, the barrier appears, then, after a bit, disappears!


Teleport Prank 2


Troll your friends by making it look like a item is in reach, but really, you can’t get it.


Popup Trolling

Place a button that has text by it that says you will get [insert cool thing here]. When the player presses the button, opens a popup. Put something in the popup like ‘You got [cool item]!’ Set it not to be closable by the player. Put a call to action button in that says ‘Close Popup’. Place a wire repeater and wire it to the popup so when the button is pressed, close the popup. Now, place a second wire repeater. Set the delay to .5 seconds. Wire the first repeater to the second repeater. Then wire the second repeater to the popup so it opens the popup again! Now the player constantly has a popup in their screen! -CD
[Variant: make the popup call to action button open a question interface so the player is glitched!]

Button Troll
The ultimate Random Button Of Insane Chaos And Ultimate power

My idea is a special button with a message of “DO NOT CLICK!!!” And that button activates a trigger with a randomizer. and down below is a list of the pranks the randomizer includes:

Spam: This randomizer activates an infinite amount of popups and notifications and activity feeds (Note This may be harder to make than expected due to the recursion limit - @BCannops )

Doom: this teleports you to an area with all the terrain as walls so you can’t move and any crazy idea you have planned

Teleportation: this teleports you infinitely

Sentries: this activates a sentry to kill you.

powerful Mode
God Mode! Only for the people with W names!

Miscellaneous Traps

  • Trigger Trap - Person steps on Trigger → Barriers activate, trapping them
  • Barrier Troll - As I mentioned above, in CTF games, you can buy a barrier, and then it disappears! What a waste of Energy!
  • Teleporter Prank - You bought an Upgrade, but it wasn’t an upgrade; You get teleported to de


  • Flag Troll - You are about to capture the flag, and you enter an Invis Zone. The Flag Returns to Base - Credit to @Apoll02 for this evil idea…
  • Banana trade troll - If someone goes through a long side quest to buy an awesome weapon with a banana, it turns out one of the trades was the way to get the weapon and you can never get the awesome weapon! Ps if you are smart enough to figure it out, the “awesome weapon” is just a common zapper :smiling_imp:: made by @Dark_Hydra
  • Button Prank - Random buttons on the map some that give you weapons, but some that turn you into a spectator, lower your damage, or lower your speed! -This trick was made by @Theaxolotl


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That’s all hope you like my guide!!!

Respawn Troll

Have it so that if a Player touches an invisible teleporter, they and a random player spawn elsewhere, where they can easily rack up points and are uncontested for the leaderboard, but a second before the game ends, they lose all their points and spawn in the real game just as the game finishes. - Idea by @Legobuilder

Amung us troll

What about one where in among us you are crewmate and everyone votes the imposter but then for no reason you get ejected instead.- Idea by @Legobuilder

Marvel Loki TV show troll

Have where you see a way to cheat and win but when you start doing it you go to the TVA like in Loki and get pruned!- Idea by @Legobuilder

Skill issue prank

have where something is not going right for someone and add a game overlay like this

and if pressed goes to a popup saying “Help and instructions here” and calls to action one instruction with instructions and two still having problems. and if still having problems is clicked it goes to a popup saying sounds like a skill issue then you are set to speed .50 so you can move but so slowly it is super hard to do stuff.-Idea by @Legobuilder

sentry no no troll

add a zone-player enters have a crowd of sentries around you but invisible barrier block so seems they are not hurting you…player leaves the zone-they move suddenly invisible barriers disappear and they get ki

lled. by @Legobuilder

Godzilla troll

You are about to be ki

lled when a Godzilla button appears (click it triggers a Godzilla build to appear) and he saves you…it says you win…then you get eaten and it says you died…it turns out the sentries gonna kill ya were set on your team and were sh00ting 0 damage lasers (lasers activate and deactivate like being sh

ot) and you couldn’t be hurt! by @Legobuilder

Zone trap?

Place down a zone and a teleporter
Then link it so if you leave the zone, you get teleported there
credits to me

Trick Platforms

Basically, you try to jump on a platform, but it gives out. Since it didn’t catch you, you fall all the way down, down, down… There’s a guide on this, but also made by me - by @GKCGOAT

Platformer guide:

You have lasers around you some don’t hurt some do but the weird thing is they randomly get activated and deactivated constantly so one that was not damaging is off and the other one right where it is turned on that hurts you and back and forth, but there are so many lasers everywhere!


Add all the pranks here for a mega prank thing…or just pick a lot of ones that connect together well…that would be a map I would play-Dodge_Fox

If you have any ideas, add them here! Just make sure there aren’t any guides on it, and that it isn’t inappropriate.

Have fun tricking, trapping, pranking, and trolling your friends!


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