The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Bedwars

Hey! I was going to make this…
Also, this doesn’t have the pre-made guides… Maybe you should add them…


I can, and I do, also that tag is not used much and you only give guides, and I did not make those topics. Also I am spending way less time on here so I am not able to remember every single post, tag, defintion, etc about gimkit. Gimkit is not my life, just a hobby and thing I enjoy. So quit correcting me and telling me what I should and should not know if it is not needed.( I mean by 3 different users btw).


great guide!

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It’s “quit” sir, not “quite”


Grammar has never been my strong suit.

Okay then. Good day to u!

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wdym ‘the pre-made guides’?
If you mean the guides about bedwars that have already been made, I’m not gonna add those. There’s already a resources post on that, and once again, the goal of this post is to help people come up with things themselves. If every single thing they do is just copy and pasted, channel name for channel name, from some random person on the internet’s guide, then they’re never going to learn how to do stuff themselves. A signficant portion of the forums is already… not really capable of coming up with stuff on their own, or at least they don’t project that sort of idea, for lack of a better way of saying this.

And yes, wolf, it’s quit not quite
the post you made doesn’t really make sense anyways… you should probably work on grammar lol because I have an incredibly hard time understanding 90% of the things you say


That is cruel. Now LETS GET BACK TO WORK :rage:


Nice guide, @Shdwy !

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Thanks😒, i’ll work on it.

i completely agree
amazing guide tho

@WolfTechnology, you posted on The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls, how come you didnt question the tug tag on that?

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No idea, I just didn’t look nor ask there, and I get it, I should know. So i bookmarked the tag guide so know I have no excuse. And please stop mensioning it.

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If they could not edit the wiki then I could for them. And I asked for the topic to be dropped. I already said I have to pay more attention and not mension things and you keep bring it back up. Focus on your mistakes and what you can improve before you do others.

Umm for the generator PLzzz telll me how to set it up

you’re supposed to figure it out yourself and learn, that’s the uniqueness of this guide


I’m not going to tell you the specifics, but you need
a) a way of sensing if the player is in a certain area (what geographical devices are there?)
b) a clock to control when the player gets the items
c) a giver of said items

From there, you should be able to figure it out. If you need more help, you can always make a help post or look at the many other topics. I urge you to try it yourself, though.

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Im new at gimkit :frowning: i dont understand this stuff

do what he said

you know, if you’re new to gimkit and use a tutorial that just straight up tells you exactly how to do something that’s complicated, step by step, block by block, you won’t learn anything, won’t understand how it works, and won’t be able to recreate it or make any other complex things.

this is one of the only guides that isn’t just a step-by-step tutorial, and it’s absolutely wonderful in that sense, so please, please listen to @Shdwy.

If you can't figure it out, here are some of the devices you will need

A = zone
B = How to make a countdown clock
C = Item Granter

Just so people don’t get completely stuck ^^^