How to make a countdown clock

You will need:
Lifecycle x1
Repeater x1
Counter x1

  1. Lifecycle:
  2. Repeater:

    Set the Time to Run for however much time you want the clock to be
    Screenshot 2023-12-12 5.43.22 PM
    The target value should be the same as the Time to Run
    Wire the counter to the repeater:

    If you want to you can add barriers that players spawn in, and deactivate when the target value is reached.
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Great guide! Pictures are always nice!

Nice! I think you could make the counter visible when counting down then disappear when it hits 0? (if that is possible)

Noice guide! This is useful in many games.

Bump, also, Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

Don’t you set the repeater to stop on channel, not after a period of time?

what’s the problem with that

I tested it. Unfortunately it did not work

Never mind! I fixed it!