Traps: Part 3/3

So… You probably saw my simple table design a while ago. Yeah… it got flagged. But it was just a joke. Let me explain. So I was playing a game with my friend, and I realized it was April 1st. So, as any sensible person, I showed him that guide: the joke meant for my sister. So, as I showed him, I added a trap to the map we were playing (It was in Creative) and totally scared him… So, since you clicked on this guide , I introduce: Traps: Part 3/3!

Step One: Follow this guide: God Mode or any other guide like that.

Step 2:
Make " godMode" make an item Granter grant: a blueberry!

Step 3:
Set down a random box of activated lasers somewhere random. Set the damage to 10000.

Step 4: Create a teleporter in the middle and set the settings to this:

Step 5:
Make a Checker. Wire it to a Lifecycle that activates when a player joins late.
Set the Checker settings to this:

And you are done!
How hard is this, with one being easy and 10 being extremely hard?

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Nice Guide by the way… First reply

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Yay traps! :smiling_imp: (second).

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I agree with you there :smiley: (third)

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You could’ve put in here:

but noice