How to make a simple Laser Trap!

Hi! This is Blizzy, once again, coming up with a new guide!

You will need:
Trigger 2x
Lasers #x
Laser Beam Manager 1x
Team Switcher 1x

Make sure the Trigger is invisible, and is able to be triggered by being stepped on. When it is triggered, make it transmit on ‘Activate’.

Make the Laser Beam Manager like this:

Make your lasers like this:

Make the Group ‘Trap’
Make sure they are NOT activated on game start, as well.
One more thing, when someone is hit, make sure to transmit on ‘Hit’.

Place lasers like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-15 11.05.48 AM

Now, set your trigger delay to 1.0.
Make it transmit on Deactivate when it is triggered.
Make it trigger when receiving on ‘Hit’. No collision, no visibility as well.

Last of all, Make the team switcher to switch you to Spectator when receiving on ‘Hit’.

You’re done now!
@Blizzy is out!


Nice guide, but could you make it have a warning like a chance you maybe able to spot it? But over great guide.

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You could, but then that defeats the whole purpose!


Wow, I literally just read a guide on a trap too… Great guide!

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Nice guide!

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Bump again

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Great guide!this is a great guide!