How to give yourself God Mode! [🟨]

Put down a Lifecycle. Connect it to a Relay. Connect the Relay to a Trigger.

Make sure you have the following options for the Trigger:


Create a block for the Trigger, when triggered…


Switch “Your Name” to whatever name you usually jo⁠­­‌­​‎‌⁠‏‍‌⁠‍⁠‌‏‏⁠‌⁠‏‎‌­‎⁠‌­​​‌⁠‏­‌­‎­‌‎­‌⁠‏­‌­​‎‌⁠­‍‌⁠‏­in games with.

But what happens when receiving on channel godMode?

Well, that’s up to you. You could change your speed to 4. Or you could teleport to a shop with tons of free upgrades. Or you could just give yourself health regeneration. It’s up to you.

Just make sure other people don’t figure out how you do it, or they’ll jo⁠­­‌­​‎‌⁠‏‍‌⁠‍⁠‌‏‏⁠‌⁠‏‎‌­‎⁠‌­​​‌⁠‏­‌­‎­‌‎­‌⁠‏­‌­​‎‌⁠­‍‌⁠‏­in with your name, and also get God Mode. If you want, you can make a super expensive Vending Machine that gives you God Mode. They’ll think that’s how you got it, and they’ll focus on trying to buy it. Hint: it’s impossible.


@bushenberg This is actually pretty cool, but what if you made it so that the ability was passed around to whoever knocks out the previous holder of the god ability? then you could make an interesting king of the hill game…


Yes, you would make a text property with the god’s name, and you would use the 'Knocked Out Player’s Name" piece in a block for a Knockout Manager to check if the player you knocked out was the god.


@bushenberg This is actually smart…


This gimkitter,
they played bump
they played bumpity
on my stump
with a knick knack patty whack
give clicclac beanine!
This gimkitter came rolling home.


the power of BUMP


You copied me -_-


Oh, sorry about that.



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(gives self God Mode)

(super-speedily bumps into this guide)


Enormous Bump…I bumped this so hard my shoulder broke

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Guys, no need to make a new block. Just in settings, make sure it’s free-for-all and since ur the host, you’ll always be team 1. So just make team 1 get the loot.

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It depends on how many people you are playing with. If by yourself or with 1 other person playing you will always be team 1 but if 3 or more people play you will be on a random team.

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if your were making a tag like game with god mode you could use it like you have a lot energy.

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Welcome to the forum, @lolnotjax! Nice idea!

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Welcome to the forum! That’s a creative idea, though it might upset some of the players since the host is cheating (well, that’s kind of the point of this guide but whatever.) Perhaps as a challenge you could figure out how to grant a certain player energy if they aren’t doing as well.

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Welcome to the forum, @lolnotjax!

Welcome to the forum, @lolnotjax !

Instead of using blocks, you could use a vending machine hooked up to all the upgrades you want for God Mode. Should I make a guide? [poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

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