Admin/god mode help

So i was using this guide, How to give yourself God Mode! [:yellow_square:] - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative and it doesn’t seem to work, it just gives admin to a random player, it doesn’t give it to the specific person.

What are you struggling with?

try using a relay set to “you”

there isnt a option for that

by the guide, it should work if you put a specific name, and in the block code I made sure to put “hi” but when I tested it, it just selects a random person…

Alright. Use a relay that triggers on “Game Start” and set player scoped. That should just work for the host. Then, connect it to a overlay that has “Activate on Game Start” off.

Maybe put the relay set to host, that would hopefully be you.

Try putting the name you enter games with


i did, but its not working, also welcome to the forums


let me try it.

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thats why i used this guide, i don’t want the host to have it…

Can I see the settings for the relay?

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You do realize that there is only 3 scopes which is player, team, and global right? There is no “host” scope.

oh it thought there was.

why can’t it be a random person?

You could always just put an invisible trigger somewhere/ an invisible button that gives you God mode

Actually, no, I was mistaken.

  • All Players
  • All Other Players
  • All Players On My Team
  • Random Player
  • All Players On Specific Team
  • Random Player On Specific Team
  • Single Player On Each Team

well on the guide it shows how to do if a players has a specific name, then they get this mode

What if you replace the lifecycle with a button that’s wired to the trigger

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