Admin/god mode help

Can you send a screenshot of your map? You might be doing something wrong.

Maybe post your game c0de on the wix so you can ask for help?


Do you have the trigger transmit on a channel?

the trigger has a code, and when its trigger, the player who has admin/god mode will teleport at a specific spot

Did you make sure the teleported settings were teleport here when receiving on channel (x)

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You have a teleporter then? Can you send me a screenshot of the teleporter settings?

yes that works, when a player selected they teleport

the teleporter is working… bc it just selects a random player to go there

i dont get what you are asking me to do

im clearly not that smart :crazy_face:

It may or may not is because the relay is set to “Random Player”.

are there teams in this game if there are then ignore this post but if there are not set the relay to all players on your team.

I think I found a solution, it is not the guide but it works so here are the images of it

and have the block code for the trigger the same as in the guide
You could also make the trigger invisible

thats the settings already in the trigger, and the game has 4 teams…

Welcome to the forums @Rundw02! Hope you are enjoying your time.

Put a spawn pad somewhere for the host, set a trigger underneath the host’s spawn pad, connect the wire to whatever you have it linked up to and make sure the trigger is set to 1 Max Trigger and Global. If you do not understand this, I will send a video.

but i dont want it to be the host, I want it to give it for someone with a specific name.

Use the triggering player name block

If {triggering players name = [example]
Do { broadcast message on channel [admin mode]

Be aware that the triggering players name is case sensitive for this to work
Like if It was

{ triggering players name = [cellofive]

You can’t have your name as Cellofive (with a capital c)