Custom Perk A Colas V5

Sorry if i keep on responding to the same things, but i accidentally clicked solution. on somebody. As stated in Perk A Colas V2 and V4, post any custom perks ideas/machines. Anybody got ideas?

Instant Death Maybe a random teleport?

And how do i do that exactly?

Have a bunch of invisible teleporters that all teleport to when receiving on channel A. When you use the perk, broadcast on channel A.

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Random loot, random sentry (friend or foe), trading sentry, boost speed for a limited time, boost regenerating health for a limited time, just rambling off random stuff.

Perhaps god mode from this guide.

thanks but idk how to do the blocks and stuff

Here’s a guide

And this post includes a list of devices that use it.

What part of it do you need blocks on?

The god mode machine

I put 2 guides about block code there.

You could wire the vending machine to a trigger, and when it’s triggered, the god-mode activates for the triggering player. What do you want your god-mode to be?

Ok thanks this will help

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