Totem of undying help

I was about to say…

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Use player Ids, maybe that can help?

That wouldn’t work. There isn’t a device able to keep the player alive when their hp reaches 0. You can make one tho

I’ll try to figure it out and report back to you when I’m done with the totem.

Player ID’s are vor voting and such, I’m pretty sure.

Ok come back later when you have a guide

you can also use them to specify a certain player and life cycle is working for that player, to revive
(Sorry, idk how to put that to words)

Hold on, can’t you just grant them health when they get the bait.

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I will try that right now

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Hah! It’s ok. It’s part of life!

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Player IDs don’t apply here.

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That wouldn’t work, because whatif the player has 1 hp, but makes it out alive?

This is how you would grant health when a player gets the bait:

Screenshot 2024-01-26 072320

Whenever the player gets the item they could get health and it would be the same affect.

ok --------------------------------------------20 characters lol

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You can do this : <> with words in between only, and that’ll hide the extra characters


My best idea is to use the Pseudo-Health guide someone linked, and have it “activate” when the player is at 1 hp, as when you are at 0, the knockout overrides everything.

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That’s a good idea.

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Maybe try How to give yourself God Mode! [🟨] just change it so that any player can get it.
Hopefully this helped.

This should help