Totem of undying help

I needed help making a totem of undying for skywars

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Is there a way to see if player’s are on a cerain amount of damage? That’s the only thing I could think of. Having an item health granter grant health when player knockout wouldn’t work.

Im pretty sure you can just use a medkit

No, what i mean is a working totem of undying

Well, unfortunately they don’t have that. But maybe you could use a pseudo-health type of thing.

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So when the player dies, it will check if the player has a specific item.

I just tried, that it doesn’t work

Inventory item manager device.

How did you make the pseudo-health?

No i mean i made it when a player dies a checker check for bait(totem)

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I was about to say…

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Use player Ids, maybe that can help?

That wouldn’t work. There isn’t a device able to keep the player alive when their hp reaches 0. You can make one tho

I’ll try to figure it out and report back to you when I’m done with the totem.

Player ID’s are vor voting and such, I’m pretty sure.

Ok come back later when you have a guide

you can also use them to specify a certain player and life cycle is working for that player, to revive
(Sorry, idk how to put that to words)

Hold on, can’t you just grant them health when they get the bait.

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I will try that right now

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