Totem of undying help

Hah! It’s ok. It’s part of life!

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Player IDs don’t apply here.

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That wouldn’t work, because whatif the player has 1 hp, but makes it out alive?

This is how you would grant health when a player gets the bait:

Screenshot 2024-01-26 072320

Whenever the player gets the item they could get health and it would be the same affect.

ok --------------------------------------------20 characters lol

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You can do this : <> with words in between only, and that’ll hide the extra characters


My best idea is to use the Pseudo-Health guide someone linked, and have it “activate” when the player is at 1 hp, as when you are at 0, the knockout overrides everything.

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That’s a good idea.

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Maybe try How to give yourself God Mode! [🟨] just change it so that any player can get it.
Hopefully this helped.

This should help