How to make host invincible

How do you make the host invincible and spawn somewhere else, so they could like “pull the strings”.

You could connect a lifecycle to a teleporter (as game start triggers an event for the game host.
If you want to make the host invincible, use this guide:


Also, what you mean by “pulling the strings”
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He means like a separate admin control room, where they interact with buttons and shift the world to their will.

idk if you can,but for all i know you can’t

Well, I remember that there was a setting spawn pads so that only the host spawns there.
I think.
Just use that setting, add the control buttons, etc.

There is a setting in spawnpad that only host spawns there but i was talking about what you said here

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I know, but you can add buttons that control thing in the maps.

wait you can allow the host to edit while playing the map?

Hide/show props/sentries, etc.

no like when the map has been started they can edit?

I don’t think so.

Oh, well thats what it sounded like you were saying.

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