The Flood of Notifications [ 😈 ]

Hi! This idea was first mentioned here:

Now, I’m making a guide on it.

You will need:
Notification 1x
Trigger 1x
Button/Game Overlay 1x

Sorry, but I can’t add screenshots at the moment.

Set the Notification to this:
Type: Error
Title: :smiling_imp:
Content: You got trolled!

Make the Notification to be sent when receiving on “NoltTroll”

Have a Button/Game Overlay transmit on that very channel when pressed.

Have a trigger receive on “NoltTroll”, and transmit on “NoltTroll” when it is triggered. A Trigger Loop!

Now, Notifications are going to keep flooding your screen!
Have fun!


Can we please stop posting trap guides?


nice but only if this was in real life…

also i thought there weren’t any notification types (oh well, i have to go do… a thing)

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Nice guide!

Why? There really fun to add


Nice guide, but why can’t you add pics?

She might not have access to gkc

I do. I just don’t have the time right now.


Because there’s too many trap guides, and they’re too easy to make. People can make notification spam or teleportation to sentries without much thought required.

I think we could stop making the guides, but add them, instead, to my Ultimate Guide, then.


That would be cool


well… it works. I used 4 different notifications for 4 different locations for added chaos…


Will it stop after a period of time, or does it go on forever?

[something off-topic]

I am now TL2 :sunglasses:


Why not? (are they being used against you?..)

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I don’t care about using them lol. It’s just that they’re too easy to make and there’s too many. Like on of them if literally just teleporting to sentries.


This is perfect :smiling_imp:

How about we stop making these…because we already have a mega guide from @Blizzy she made a good wiki anyone can edit with permission…and things like this are just clutter adding duplicate things when we already have a wiki on traps and trolls like this where these can be added…from now on if we make these we should just post them on Blizzy’s post and ask her to add it…
is that kinda what you were getting at @getrithekd ?
and btw I don’t mean this specifically i mean other posts like this…i mean this is a newer one that we have not seen before and I think it is better than other add popup guides…


i think getrithekd and blackhole and the smart gimkitters said something about infinite recursion being impossible, so according to that it would indeed eventually end

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If you add a delay, it’s forever.

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ah okay
i wasn’t sure